Pohangina Catchment Care Group

The ‘Pohangina Catchment Care Group’ (PCCG) was formed in 2020 in response to a concern that there was a public perception that the Pohangina River is nothing more than a “farm drain”. It was recognised that the Pohangina catchment is an incredibly special place with a diverse population from farmers to lifestylers to forestry blocks to villagers and includes land administered by Rangitaane, the Department of Conservation & Horizons Regional Council.


You can come along to the workshops and seminars – contact Matthew Carroll on matthewescarroll@gmail.com or Lynda Gray on kinross575@inspire.net.nz

Latest news:

  • Flood recovery report
    Hi community Many thanks to the large number of you that turned out yesterday to hear from Jon Roygard of Horizons, mayor Helen Worboys of MDC, MPI, MRSS & RFST & have the presence of FMG, DoC, Beef & Lamb & Dairy NZ as well as Ian McKelvie & Suze Redmayne Below is a summary of the meeting for those that could not attend. There are still many questions, issues & concerns but as a community, we can work together to help each other through this. Points to note: 1)  Please email me with a list of your damages &… Read more: Flood recovery report
  • PCCG Update
    The current very wet winter is proving a challenge for valley residents – farmers and small blockers alike. We are fortunate to have missed the extreme weather events that have severely impacted many areas throughout the country and the roads have remained mostly passable. Waterways have had a decent clean out with the testing results generally returning lower readings for trace elements and e-coli although turbidity has been higher. We will attempt to have a community water quality report for the next newsletter for the trends from the 2 years we have been testing. The Pohangina committee are planning to… Read more: PCCG Update
  • Pohangina Catchment Care Group update
    Firstly, a huge THANK YOU to the Ashhurst Pohangina Lions Club for sponsoring one of the water testing sites – your support is greatly appreciated. The PCCG held a very informative Land Owners Field Day on July 13th hosted by Matt & Shane Carroll & Nicola Shadbolt at Westview. There is a lot of new regulation being thrown at farmers currently & the purpose of the Field Day was to provide some insight into what this means going forward. Ian McNab, a senior rural advisor from Horizons gave the first presentation. Horizons have found themselves in the unenviable position of… Read more: Pohangina Catchment Care Group update