Domain update

The above photo shows the much-improved oval pasture with the rushes under control. Thanks must go Duncan de Burgh of Recreation Services who has worked to achieve this. After discussing with him about what would be best to do over winter it was decided to refrain from mowing over July and August when grass growth is slow and it can be wet. Lindi Relling continues to graze the oval with her 30 sheep which is part of her ‘village rotation’. Thanks also to Marty Pratt for that summer mow including all the edges and old tennis court area. The rushes in those areas have taken a knock but will need another mow in the near future.
There are also some large rosette stage Scotch thistles that need to be “grubbed’. And great to have the broken tree support batten replaced- thanks Rob Kay.

It is great news that the submission made to Manawatu District Council as part of the 10 Year Plan was confirmed on 27 July as successful, with $10,000 allocated yearly for a period of 3 years. The next step is to coordinate a gathering of interested community members to discuss how we prioritise and move forward with the next stage of development. The date for this meeting is yet to be decided but will aim to be on site with Julie Ann Bolton and Mike Etheridge offering to host at their place if the weather is not good. It will be advertised on Facebook and via email.
Brent Besley and Marty Pratt have worked on the yards on several separate days over the past few months. The measurements for gates have been given to Lumberland and the final job will be to swing them. This will bring to completion the first stage of the project to develop the Domain with a healthy surplus of 2017/18 submission funding remaining.
It has to be said that the reason for the project’s buoyant financial position is due to the community for its generous donation in terms of hours given and sponsored merchandise and services. The Sponsor’s Board acknowledges these but there are some individuals who have put in huge hours and some businesses who have donated 100% of certain products and we as a community are particularly indebted to them. This has been documented and it was this data presented in the latest submission that helped MDC measure the community’s commitment to the project.
The fallen tree that was cut up & stacked by Dave Roberts and John Brock last winter has been delivered to several grateful recipients coordinated by Brent Besley & Stu Davison on behalf of Lions Club. Thanks guys!